Cannabis Referendum

Science and the Cannabis Referendum!

Have your say in the political process.
In 2020 New Zealand is to hold a National Referendum on the legality of a species of plant.
Below is a video (New Release) on a science based approach to reducing harm through education and improved regulation.

In 2020 it’s becoming well evidenced, that it is better to manage Cannabis use in a population, via the Health System (Prevention) and outside of the Criminal Justice System. (Punitive)

Useful New Zealand Resources

NZ Government

Helen Clark – PDF Report on:
The case for YES in the 2020 referendum on cannabis



Drug Foundation

NZ Medical Cannabis Council

Emerging Evidence Based Health Benefits of CBD ( Illegal to NZers)

Medical Marijuana and Marijuana Legalization. Correct implmentations to reduce harm: International studies.

Current New Zealand Laws

Smoke Free 2025
Inline with Smokefree AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND 2025 . The question is asked, about the role edibles need to play in a Regulated Framework.
Cannabis edible: